The Makeover

I am not vain but I live with three teenage daughters and I am constantly under scrutiny.  They do not filter remarks for me in a way they would with friends or colleagues.   I often am faced with remarks from the girls about how often I color my hair, my lipstick is too light or dark, why I am wearing something and is that outfit age appropriate.  I have learned to have a thick skin.

These comments convinced me to make a visit to the makeup counter for a quick check on my makeup habits.  After a couple of phone calls, I visited Sephora.  I liked the makeup counter at Sephora because they carry many brands.  I explained to Sam that I was visiting her today to check in on makeup trends for my aging skin and I realized the makeup trends I learned in my 20s and 30s might need an update.  I went on to say that the objective was to look as good as I can not recreate the face that I had decades ago.  Sam is a makeup artist – not a magician after all.

I explained my face care regimen to her and she gave my skin a good look and trotted off and returned with a basket full of products that would rival a semester tuition payment at a state university.   Her next suggestion was not her best. She suggested using a magnifying mirror.  Why would I want to do that?  Denial is not a bad place to be when it comes to wrinkles.  Distance is my friend.

Anyway, she gave me some very good suggestions that I will pass on to you.  First, find a foundation that matches your skin tone. Too light makes your skin appear flat and lifeless and too dark adds a dullness and heaviness that is equal to aging.  She suggested picking your color by putting it on your face at the top of your cheekbone without blending.  Second, you need a good concealer.  The important thing about concealer is to find one that is the same color as your foundation.  Otherwise, you find yourself looking like a raccoon.  Third, wear a lipstick or lipcolor that adds fullness. A dark color does just the opposite by making your lips appear smaller and less plump.  She suggested a mauve tone for me.  As far as skin care, she suggested always wearing SPF.  Sun protection factor comes in many different forms.  She suggested finding a moisturizer or foundation that has a SPF of 15 or higher.  She said something that I had not really thought much about and that was use to moisturizer on my hands.  She said lotion is good but my hands could use the good stuff.

The good news is that I got a few new tips for my makeup bag.  The bad news is that I spent over $200 on a few items.



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