At my annual physical, Dr. Jones gently reminded me to have my mammogram and this would be the year that I needed the COLONOSCOPY.  I have heard horror stories about the procedure from friends and relatives.  This was put on my list solely to force my hand. There is something about the sanctity of the list with its quiet pressure to complete items and cross them off.

I called  to schedule my procedure and then started my research.  I find that the web offers way too much information on medical diagnosis and procedures.  The search results often begin with the bad stuff first and then get to the general information next.  I looked for a reputable site and began information gathering. 

A colonoscopy is a medical procedure that allows a doctor to inspect the inner lining of the large intestine using an instrument called a colonoscope   The colonoscopy procedure typically lasts about 30 minutes.   Patients sometimes feel cramping during the procedure. 

My doctor sent out a large package of information about the procedure.  The information was helpful and detailed the procedure from start to finish.  

The cleaning out of the colon was far worse than the procedure itself.  The witch’s brew that the doctors concocted for the cleaning out of the colon works just like magic and tastes awful.  The procedure itself was, for me, a medically induced nap.  They covered me in a heated blanket, put a little sleep mixture into my veins and I didn’t feel, hear or remember a thing. 

The first thing I remember is Ben waking me up.  He hates it when I get more sleep than him.  And the good news is that if they find nothing and you do not have a family history-you do not have to have another colonoscopy for ten years.

The List…

  • Write a monthly thank you to someone who has had a big impact on my life
  • Give blood
  • Spend an entire day completing random acts of kindness
  • Grant a wish from my mom’s bucket list
  • Get real with money
  • Say no and mean it and feel no guilt
  • Ask for help with no guilt or delay
  • Allow myself to be photographed more often
  • Spend a weekend at the monastery
  • Learn about other religions
  • Join my church as a member
  • Lose 20 pounds
  • Belly Dancing Class
  • Pole Dancing Class
  • Body Cleanse and Detox
  • Reflexology
  • Acupuncture
  • Tai Chi
  • Learn to Bartend
  • Learn to Grill
  • Take an Improv Class
  • Ziplining
  • Rock Climbing
  • Hot Air Ballooning
  • Disc Golf
  • Laser Tag
  • Paint Ball
  • Big Repairs on the house this year
  • Get a tattoo
  • Have a reading by psychic
  • Go to the rodeo
  • Grape Stomping–yes like the time Lucy and Ethel made wine
  • Tandem biking
  • Compete in an event at the State Fair
  • Drive a convertible
  • Work for a flower shop and deliver flowers for a day
  • Write a blog
  • Read a new book each week
  • Read all the books that my book club selects
  • Film Festival
  • Music Festival
  • Get a passport–the plan to travel out of the country begins..
  • Road Trip alone…Thelma and Louise with no Louise…
  • Train Trip
  • Stephen Colbert Show
  • Independent Bookstore Tour around the Midwest
  • Facial
  • Visit with a cosmetologist for a makeup makeover
  • Join AARP
  • Have a colonoscopy

The items that have been marked through are completed items